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If you ask an aquarist how can they spend hours just staring at the underwater life in their aquarium, they will answer that there is something magical about admiring floating fish and waving plants. They won’t be lying. We’ll tell you what this magic is all about.

1. Convenience

An aquarium with fish is superior to keeping any other pets in terms of convenience. Do the fish need to be taken for a walk? Do they need a litter tray? Do they make a mess in the apartment? No, no, and no. It is much simpler and more comfortable to take care of them than the furry ones.

2. No damage

Ask a kitten or a dog owner how much damage their pet has caused in the apartment. Be sure to make some tea and reserve lots of free time beforehand, as this story won’t be over soon. And what would an aquarist say to the same question? Probably nothing, as fish do not leave the aquarium, bite their shoes or leave a mess in them. They also do not climb the curtain like a tree.

3. Peace and quiet

Fish are animals that don’t make noise. They will not wake up the neighbour or other household members, and their calming effect on the human body has been scientifically proven. A pleasantly humming aquarium has a positive effect on the nervous system and well-being, and observing underwater life brings effects similar to meditation and triggers creativity.

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4. You can still go on a spontaneous trip

You wake up in the morning, it’s a beautiful sunny day, you only have one thought in your head: “I’m dropping everything and going,” and a moment later, in the back of your head, you’re thinking about who would take care of your dog or cat. Aquarists do not experience this problem, because the aquarium will survive without care for even two weeks (properly prepared beforehand).

5. Easy maintenance

Contrary to popular belief, fishkeeping is not a hobby that requires a lot of free time. On the contrary, a properly arranged and well maintained aquarium only needs devoting a few minutes a day. You should spend about 30 minutes per week on cleaning activities.

6. Education and development of children

Kids and aquariums? What will result from such a mix? Success! Taking care of the fish will teach them to be responsible, systematic, precise, how to plan their actions and even how to save money! In addition, fishkeeping helps children to become more curious about the world.

7. No allergies

Fish are allergen-free, so they are suitable for people with allergies.

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8. Assisting treatment

Watching the fish in the aquarium not only relaxes and calms down, but also lowers blood pressure and stabilises the heart rate, which may prove interesting for people with cardiovascular diseases.

9. Protection against depression

Involvement in your hobby allows you to look optimistically into the future and fills the time, which is an excellent way to prevent mental disorders.

10. Room decoration

The aquarium is a hypnotic decoration of the apartment – it attracts attention and interest, and at the same time introduces a bit of nature into the room, which suits the design and style of every interior.

19 12 2019
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