When you take your first steps in the fishkeeping field, you encounter many challenges and questions on your way. To help all those who are just buying their first aquarium, we made a list of things that you should pay attention to.

The size of the aquarium

Many beginner aquarists fall into a trap and buy a smaller tank thinking that it will be easier to take care of it. On the contrary, it is much harder to maintain biological stability and natural balance in a small aquarium.

The location of the aquarium

An aquarium cannot stand either in a random place or on a random surface. First, a beginner aquarist must take care of the base, which is usually a cabinet. In this case, pay attention to its surface, which will come into contact with the water during care activities, which may result in water damage. It also has to be strong enough, because a litre of freshwater weighs about a kilogram. A special aquarium cabinet that is water resistant is therefore a good solution.

Secondly, the location. Remember that an aquarium needs proper lighting, which does not mean that it should be placed by the window. On the contrary, such a location may result in an algae infestation. So the best solution is to place an aquarium cabinet deep inside the room.

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Technical equipment for the aquarium

The aquarium is a home for the fish, so it is important to ensure that the conditions are favourable for their life and health. It is therefore necessary to provide appropriate technical parameters, i.e:
– lighting (most of the aquarium fish come from the tropical zone, where day and night last 12 hours each, and similar conditions should be provided in the water tank at home);
– heating (the temperature of the water in the aquarium must be adapted to the needs of the fish species, so it may have to be heated. For this purpose, aquarium heaters are used);
– filter (to keep the water clear and to remove substances that could be dangerous for the aquarium inhabitants);
– aerator (to enrich the water with the oxygen necessary for the fish’s life. Most modern filters have it).

Aquarium decorations

Once we have provided the aquarium inhabitants with appropriate technical equipment, it is time to take care of the decorations, which will not only have an aesthetic function, but also provide the fish with optimal living conditions. The classic decorations are:
– background (used when the aquarium is placed against a wall);
– substrate (serves as ground for plants and is part of the natural environment for the fish. If you plan to have many plants in the aquarium, choose a special mineral substrate);
– accessories such as stones or wood (in their case, make sure they have no sharp edges that could hurt the fish),
– plants (they are not only a very important ornamental element, but are also part of the natural fish environment. They also improve water quality and oxygenation and purify it of toxins).

The inhabitants

Now it’s time for the most important part, namely stocking the aquarium with fish. When starting your adventure with fishkeeping it is best to refrain from buying aggressive species and those requiring specific conditions. When buying fish, pay attention to the size that the species reaches, this information is essential for providing them with the space they need. Another important thing is the number of fish. Let’s not forget that we are talking about herd animals, so for the well-being of the fish it is necessary to provide them with at least 5-7 companions of the same species. Stocking the aquarium with different species is a mistake. Lack of companions could be stressful for them.
Beginner aquarists can use ready aquarium kits. It is a great and economical solution, because buying all necessary products on your own is a greater financial expense.

19 12 2019
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19 12 2019

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