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Glamour your room
An elegant premium kit, equipped with modern, energy-saving LED lighting. An ideal proposition for aquarism enthusiasts who appreciate modern style and functionality.
Smart open Raised tank walls Expandable lighting unit Modern LED lighting Energy-saving Easy to use and maintain

Product description



Elegant and functional aquarium

The aquarium has an integrated lid with Aquael Leddy Tube Sunny Day&Night 2.0 lighting.  The light modules are mounted on a special holder. If access to the inside of the aquarium is required, the lid and handle are lifted and set vertically on the back wall. The aquarium cover has also been equipped with a convenient flap that allows you to feed the fish every day without having to open it completely.

2 lighting modules are included. It is possible to buy more modules and expand them to a maximum of 7.  GLOSSY aquariums are ideal for setting up plant tanks, biotope tanks and traditional social aquariums. They are offered  in five sizes: 80, 100, 120, 150  cm in length (and capacities: 33, 57,69,107 US gal [125, 215, 260, 405 liters])  and height of 63 cm, as well as in the GLOSSY Cube version with a cube-shaped aquarium (with a capacity of 36 US gal [135 l]).

Customizable lighting for your aquarium

The lighting kit offers three lighting modes that allow you to adjust the lighting to the needs of the fish and plants in the aquarium.  Day mode imitates sunlight, which perfectly reproduces natural conditions and supports plant growth.  Daybreak mode is a soft light that ensures the right mood in the tank in the evening. Night mode, on the other hand  , is blue light that simulates moonlight and allows you to observe the life of fish at night.

Aquarium available in a set with an elegant cabinet

And the aquarium is complemented by an elegant cabinet made of high-gloss boards (MDF boards covered with acrylic).  The frame of the cabinet is designed in such a way that the door fits perfectly into the front glass of the aquarium, which gives the whole set a harmonious and consistent look. Cabinet also  allows practical storage of aquarium accessories.  A mat is attached to the aquarium to protect the bottom of the aquarium.

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