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ULTRA SLIM BT A range of possibilities LEDDY SLIM DUO SUNNY PLANT&NIGHT For small aquariums and more LEDDY SLIM SUNNY DAY&NIGHT Elegant & modern LEDDY SLIM MARINE DAY&NIGHT Elegant & modern LEDDY SMART DAY & NIGHT One light - many possibilities LEDDY SLIM DUO MARINE&ACTINIC For small aquariums and more LEDDY SLIM ACTINIC Elegant & modern LEDDY TUBE SUNNY Economic and versatile! LEDDY TUBE SUNNY DAY&NIGHT In the rhythm of nature! LEDDY TUBE MARINE DAY&NIGHT Economic and versatile LEDDY SLIM PLANT Elegant & modern LEDDY TUBE MINI LIGHTING FOR LEDDY MINI KIT LEDDY TUBE PLANT 2.0 Economic and versatile MOONLIGHT Night lighting for every aquarium

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