Glossy ST grey

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Glossy ST grey

Elegant and modern
Dedicated Glossy aquarium cabinets, their high-gloss surface adds elegance, creating a coherent whole with the aquarium.

Product description

Glossy aquarium cabinets are not just furniture, but elements that give your space a new dimension. Elegant, varnished cabinet fronts in a subtle gray color allow you to highlight the decorative nature of the aquarium arrangement and create a harmonious whole with the space of your apartment or office. The furniture door has been color matched to the gray finish of the tank, which gives the entire set a coherent look, and the glossy finish emphasizes its modernity and elegance.


High gloss finish

Our cabinets are an expression of luxury and attention to detail. Their high-gloss surface not only adds elegance, but also creates a coherent whole with the aquarium. It is not just a piece of furniture – it is an element that decorates the space and emphasizes the unique character of your aquarium.


Roomy cabinet interiors

We provide enough space to store all the necessary aquarium accessories. Thanks to the well-thought-out spaces inside the cabinet, you can be sure that everything is organized and easily accessible.


Not full back wall

We offer freedom in installing aquarium equipment. Thanks to the lack of a full back wall, you can easily install filter hoses, power cables and other necessary technical elements. Your aquarium will not only be beautiful, but also functional.


Magnetic latches

Opening and closing the doors of our cabinets is pure pleasure thanks to magnetic latches. You effortlessly gain access to the interior, while maintaining the elegant appearance of the furniture. It is a combination of functionality and aesthetics.


Adjustable legs

You don’t have to worry about unevenness of the ground. Our cabinets are equipped with adjustable legs, which allows you to adapt the furniture to any surface. Proper setting not only guarantees stability, but also emphasizes the aesthetics of the entire set.


Versions and parameters

Art. nr.
Dimensions [in / cm] (width x depth x height)
Glossy ST 80 grey Glossy ST 100 grey Glossy ST 120 grey Glossy ST 150 grey Glossy ST Cube grey
131430 131432 131433 131434 131982
31.5x13.8x28.3 / 80x35x72 39.4x15.8x28.3 / 100x40x72 47.2x15.7x28.3 / 120x40x72 59x19.7x28.3 / 150x50x72 19.7x19.7x35.4 / 50x50x90

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