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Comprehensive filtration and sterilisation of pond
Carefully selected filtration media Flexible filter configuration UV-C fluorescent lamp Just Plug & Enjoy Easy to use and maintain Intended for continuous operation

Product description



The KLARJET filter set are designed to be installed outside of water ponds, on their banks or over a waterfall source.

The standard KLARJET filter set includes a filter, a compatible AQUAEL AQUAJET PFN pump, a garden hose, the operation manual, and 2 jubilee clips. In addition, the KLARJET filter set includes a UV steriliser. The UV-C light emitted by the steriliser effectively fights algae, bacteria, and other pathogens.

The KLARJET filter set ensures effective mechanical and biological filtration and sterilization of water. The dense sponge removes solid impurities from the water. Nitrogen compounds dissolved in the water are successfully oxidised by the nitrifying bacteria proliferating on the surface of bio-balls. The powerful UV steriliser promptly solves the problem of floating algae and harmful bacteria and protozoa.

KLARJET filter sets are designed to be installed on the outside of ponds. This solution has the advantage of easy access for maintenance. Besides, the filter does not take up any space in the pond that could be used by plants and fish. The container of the filter supplied with the KLARJET filter set has an overflow orifice to protect it from overflow.

When the filter is in operation, the treated water flows out of the lower openings in the filter and into the hoses that carry it back into the pond.

The KLARJET filter is supplied with phenol-free sponge and layered polystyrene balls.

The phenol-free sponge is used for mechanical filtration. In addition, it constitutes a particularly favourable environment for the development of bacterial cultures responsible for the removal of biological pollutants from the reservoir.

The polystyrene balls have special ribbings and orifices. Their action is based on the differentiation of aerobic conditions for biochemical processes. On their outer surface, aerobic conditions are favourable for the oxidation of organic compounds.

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