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Universal pond filters
In&Out Easy to use and maintain Intended for continuous operation Carefully selected filtration media Flexible filter configuration

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The MAXI line of filters can be used for ornamental garden ponds and other kinds of water reservoirs. This AQUAEL line includes three models: MAXI, recommended for water reservoirs with a capacity of up to 1 320 gal; MAXI 1, recommended for water reservoirs with a capacity of up to 2 640 gal; and SUPER MAXI, which can be used in water reservoirs with a capacity of up to 6 600 gal.

Depending on the installation option, a MAXI filter can serve as:

  • an external filter, positioned on the bank of a pond or over a waterfall source,
  • an immersion filter, positioned on the bottom of the water reservoir. If this option is chosen, the pump is mounted on the filter lid and additionally serves as a fountain.

The standard MAXI filter package includes a set of filter media: brushes, sponge, BIO MAX balls, and coconut mat. The package also includes all the elements required to mount the filter either inside or outside the water reservoir. Besides the filter, the package includes a PCV tube with a rubber elbow, 3 screws, 3 nuts, and a stand.

The set of filter media supplied with the MAXI filter guarantees comprehensive mechanical and biological filtration.
The MAXI filter can be additionally equipped with a UV lamp to prevent water blooming and the growth of algae. The standard MAXI package does not include a UV lamp.

If the MAXI filter is to be used as a fountain, the stand of the pump must be fastened to the filter lid. Attach the spray nozzle to the pump outlet. Screw the stub supplied with the standard package in the pump inlet. Next connect the pump to the elbows combined with the suction pipe. The pipe draws treated water from the bottom of the filter and ejects it through the spray nozzle over the water surface.

If the MAXI filter is used as an external filter, the treated water, on reaching the outlet openings in the bottom of the filter, flows back into the pond through the hoses connected to the outlets. If the filter is located above a waterfall, one of the two outlet ports at its bottom can be used to form the waterfall or a cascade. Make sure that the place from which the suction pipe draws water into the filter is at a sufficient distance from the place where the treated water is ejected back into the pond.

The MAXI pond filters are supplied with 4 layers of filter media:

  • brushes
  • sponge
  • coconut mat
  • bio-balls

The media are arranged in layers. Brushes are very good for water pre-treatment, or mechanical filtration. At the same time, they provide an excellent substrate for the development of live bacterial cultures.

The next stage of mechanical filtration is performed by phenol-free sponge. The sponge additionally constitutes a particularly favourable environment for the development of bacterial cultures responsible for the removal of biological pollutants from the reservoir.

Thanks to its structure, coconut mat is an excellent mechanical filtration medium and a perfect substrate for the bacterial cultures responsible for biological filtration.

The polystyrene balls have ribbings and small orifices at both poles. Their action is based on the differentiation of aerobic conditions for biochemical processes. On their outer surface, aerobic conditions are favourable for the oxidation of organic compounds. The inner surface acts as an anaerobic micro-reactor where the reduction of organic compounds takes place. All this results in very effective water purification.

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