Aquarium Maintenance Issues

The reason for white water in an aquarium is uncontrolled growth of protozoa in the water caused by overfeeding of fish, improper maintenance of filter cartridges, no water changes, ill-suited substrate or decorations. To avoid this, you should not overfeed your fish. You should change water regularly, clean the substrate thoroughly with a sludge extractor, wash filter cartridges only in water drained from the aquarium, add nitrifying bacteria to the filter and/or water, check and, if necessary, change improper substrate or decorations. You can also use STERILIZER UV AS.

The reason for green water in an aquarium is uncontrolled growth of floating microscopic algae caused by too much light (e.g. the fish tank is standing too close to the window), overfeeding of fish, improperly operated filtration, or no water changes. To eliminate the problem, you should decrease the amount of light reaching the aquarium (the number of light sources and the time they operate per day); you should not overfeed your fish, you should change water in your aquarium and change the filter, or filter cartridges regularly, wash the filter cartridges only in the water drained from the aquarium, use UV STERILIZER UV AS, and use PHOSMAX PRO, PHOSMAX BASIC or ALGAE STOP MAGIC filter cartridges

There may be for a number of reasons: the most common is insufficient amount of light in the aquarium, but ill-suited substrate, improper water parameters, as well as insufficient amount of mineral compounds in the water may also be at fault here. To solve the problem, first, it is worth increasing the amount of light in the aquarium (e.g. by adding more LEDDY TUBE RETROFIT modules to the aquarium’s hood or by installing more LEDDY SLIM lamps on an open fish tank). It is also worth using active substrate for plants (e.g. ADVANCED SOIL), checking and, if needed, correcting the parameters of the water to adjust them to the needs of the plants, and add fertilizers for plants to the water.

LED sterilizers (MINI UV and the sterilizer installed in UNIFILTER UV filters) should work continuously. STERILIZERS AS UV-C 5, 9 and 11 W should not work continuously, because they can cause excessive impoverishment of water. They should be started only where specified (ill fish, white or green water in the aquarium) in order to eliminate the problem and/or as a precaution, more or less for 12 hours and no more frequently than once per week.

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