Problems with equipment

This is caused by a blocked tube which supplies air to the filter’s outlet and/or the leaking end of a hose put on the tube which supplies air to the filter’s outlet. To solve the problem, remove the hose and clean the tube which supplies air to the filter’s outlet with a toothpick, or, cut off the worn out end of the hose and put it on the tube which supplies air to the filter’s outlet, again.

Yes, they do. The water is aerated by the rain bar, which is placed under the surface of water (recommended) or, alternatively, over the surface of water, with its holes directed towards the water surface. The rain bar moves the water, and as a result, the water mixes with atmospheric air better.

For lamps manufactured before 2018 (check the date on the plug), change the light bulb and, if it does not help, contact AQUAEL’ service. If the lamp was manufactured in 2018, everything is all right. The lamp is fitted with a magnetic switch, which – for the user’s safety (UV-C light is harmful to the eyes and the skin) – prevents you from starting the lamp outside the sterilizer’s casing. Blue glow, which is visible (especially after you switch on the light in the aquarium) on the sterilizer’s transparent connector pipes, indicates that the lamp is working correctly.

It should be like that – the filter does not have an air supply nozzle; however, it aerates water by making its surface move and through increased mixing of water with atmospheric air.

This may be caused by a blocked impeller, or a sponge which was incorrectly inserted in the filter’s container. You should unblock the impeller by cleaning its chamber and insert the sponge into the container, as recommended in the device’s manual.

Everything is OK – these are so-called spare diodes which make up the device’s self-regeneration system. The individual spare diodes turn on only if the main diode has burnt out to ensure that the device will work for many years. If spare diodes do not glow, this means that the device is fully operational.

It is possible that a single diode will occasionally burn out. However, there is no reason to worry. The device has an embedded self-regeneration system which aims at ensuring its work for many years. If a single diode burns out, an adjacent diode starts to glow two times stronger, and thus the intensity of the entire lamp remains the same

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