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Having an aquarium with fish is not only a pleasure but also a duty. One of the most important tasks is feeding the aquarium fish. And although it seems to be a trivial activity, it does not turn out to be so easy in practice.

How to choose food for the fish? The key is to know their nutritional requirements. Most aquarium inhabitants are omnivorous species whose diet is based on both animal and plant ingredients. Another criterion to consider when choosing the fish food is how the fish feed. Different types of food are suitable for feeding species living on the bottom, others for those floating in the vegetation or in the mid-water. Not to mention fish that live practically below the surface. We will now discuss the types of fish food with their characteristics, which will help you to select the best food for your aquarium inhabitants.

Fish flakes

This is the most popular type of fish food. It is universal, which means it is suitable for species feeding in all areas of the aquarium. First, it floats on the surface, then it falls down and dissolves all over the aquarium, giving the possibility to eat it to individuals that prefer lower areas.

Fish pellets

Ideal for mid-water feeders and fish feeding at the bottom of the aquarium. They are available in different sizes and in regular or slow sinking versions. Their structure has a smooth surface and closed pores, which enables slow water absorption, high hydrostability, and limited release of components into the water.

Tablets for fish

Their great advantage is that they can be glued to the aquarium wall or placed at the bottom. They can be used to feed bottom fish, crustaceans, as well as mid-water feeders.

Fish sticks

Floating food for medium and large species of fish that collect it from the water surface.

Fish wafers

As the wafers quickly fall to the bottom, they will be the ideal food for crustaceans and fish feeding in the bottom zone. This food absorbs water slowly and thus retains its shape for a long time, which in turn makes it an ideal food for fish whose mouth opening is adapted to scrap the food from different surfaces.

Fish chips

Fish chips are shaped like a flat disc and are distinguished by their high hydrostability. Although they are mainly intended for larger species, smaller specimens also have no problem with eating them – they simply bite them off piece by piece.

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Freeze-dried fish food

Freeze-dried food is a type of food that is somewhere in the middle between natural and artificial ingredients. It’s made form crustacean larvae, insects and zooplankton, free of water. The freeze-drying process consists of freezing these creatures and placing them in a vacuum, which causes the water to evaporate, so that the food retains its nutritional properties, taste and smell.

Natural foods

Natural food is considered to be the best solution for aquarium fish. When it comes to predatory fish, it means living organisms, and herbivorous aquarium inhabitants are sure to enjoy algae, vegetables or aquatic plants. Finally, a handful of tips – small fish species and those with small mouth holes should be fed with flakes and microgranules. Larger species that collect food from the water surface are best fed with chips and sticks, while bottom fish eat flakes, pellets, tablets or wafers.

17 12 2019
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