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Leddy Plus

The beauty of aquariums day and night
Aquael's bestseller. Complete aquarium set in PLUS version with equipment for more demanding users. A reliable FAN filter, a precise Platinium heater and LED DAY&NIGHT lighting and a lower frame are included. Available in three sizes in black and white.
Fully equipped Modern LED lighting Day&Night Energy-saving Expandable Just Plug & Enjoy Easy to use and maintain Smart open Perfect for shrimp Perfect for plants Expandable lighting unit

Product description

The Leddy Plus set provides aquarium animals and plants with safe and optimal living conditions. An easy to maintain and convenient ornamental aquarium. The set comprises an aquarium with a flat front glass, a modern plastic lid with an installed energy-saving lighting module, an automatic PLATINIUM HEATER, an efficient internal FAN filter and a decorative lower frame instead of a mat. 

Leddy Plus 60 with packaging

Leddy Plus 60 white with accesories

Leddy Plus 45 black with mounted accesories


The aquarium lid features the patented SMART OPEN system, which allows you to conveniently carry out any maintenance work inside the tank without having to support the lid. A large flap allows you to feed the fish conveniently, while special grooves in the rear part allow you to cut out holes for the installation of any type of canister filter (more importantly, a cover with these cut-outs does not void the manufacturer’s warranty). 


Leddy Plus 75 white with mounted accesories

Lighting in the cover Leddy Plus 60 black

Leddy Plus 45 cover white


The DAY&NIGHT lighting module installed in the lid integrates both day and night lighting. It offers three lighting modes:

  • basic daytime “Sunny” mode with a colour temperature of 7,000 K and an output of 7 W.
  • “Sunny Blue” mode, which simulates sunrise and sunset, with an output of 4.5 W.
  • “Moonlight” night mode, which imitates the moonlight, with an output of 1.8 W. 

With additional brackets, the lighting can be extended with another LED module. 

More about Leddy Tube HERE.



The FAN filter is distinguishable by its durability and efficiency. Provides optimum living conditions for the aquarium inhabitants. It is convenient to use, the plastic housing with localised perforations traps larger debris and its design prevents dirty water from pouring into the aquarium during cleaning. Adjusting the output without dipping your hands in the water allows you to control the flow conveniently. In addition, the filter has an aeration feature and provides a 75° adjustment of the water outlet direction.

HERE you will find more details about the FAN filter.



The Platinium Heater maintains the aquarium water temperature with an accuracy of 0.4 degrees. It has a fully electronic thermostat – without failure-prone parts as is the case with mechanical thermostats – which guarantees reliable and trouble-free operation and even heat distribution throughout the aquarium, thanks to a ceramic radiator, thus providing optimal conditions for fish and other aquatic organisms. 

The One Touch System ensures the intuitiveness and simplicity of operation of the heater. It allows the operating temperature to be changed at the touch of a button. LEDs indicate both the current temperature in the tank and the target temperature programmed by the user. Problem-free installation is made possible by a set of rubber suction cups. 

With a wide operating range of 25° to 33°, the Platinium Heater is also ideal for treating fish diseases such as fish pox. 

Detailed information about heaters can be found HERE.


Lower frame 

An additional element of the kit is the lower frame, which provides a decorative finishing touch to the tank. It also has the important feature of protecting the bottom of the tank from cracking by levelling the stresses and possible unevenness of the supporting structure, replacing the classic aquarium mat.


Versions and parameters

Art. nr.
Aquarium capacity [US gal / L]
Dimensions [in / cm] (width x depth x height)
Glass thickness [in / mm]
Leddy Plus Day&night 40 black Leddy Plus Day&night 40 white Leddy Plus Day&night 60 black Leddy Plus Day&night 60 white Leddy Plus Day&night 75 black Leddy Plus Day&night 75 white
124530 124531 124532 124533 124534 124535
6.6 / 25 6.6 / 25 14.2 / 54 14.2 / 54 27.7 / 105 27.7 / 105
16.1x9.8x9.8 / 41x25x25 16.1x9.8x9.8 / 41x25x25 23.6x11.8x11.8 / 60x30x30 23.6x11.8x11.8 / 60x30x30 29.5x13.8x15.7 / 75x35x40 29.5x13.8x15.7 / 75x35x40
7 W 7 W 7 W 7 W 7 W 7 W
FAN Mini Plus FAN Mini Plus FAN 1 Plus FAN 1 Plus FAN 2 Plus FAN 2 Plus
4 4 4 4 5 5

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