UltraScape Set Diamond Edition

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UltraScape Set Diamond Edition

Brilliant solution
UltraScape Set Diamond Edition is a premium aquarium set. It includes a unique fish tank made of glass panes with 45° bevelled joints and an app-controlled ULTRA SLIM BT LED designer lamp.

Product description

Solutions for the demanding  

UltraScape Set Diamond Edition is a fusion of unique design and advanced technology. This combination is sure to attract the most demanding enthusiasts who appreciate innovative technological solutions and unusual design in fish keeping. 

Utilitarian aquarium art 

The Ultra Scape Set Diamond Edition tank is a true rarity in the world of fish keeping. The key features of the fish tank, which immediately attract the eye, are the upper glass pane edges bevelled at 45°.  


Joined at the same angle, the walls of the fish tank not only provideunique visual effect but also improved safety through the larger area of contact at the glass pane joints.  


These features, together with the maximum transparency optical grade glass make the fish tank look like a unique ornament made of crystal.  

This impression is reinforced by the lack of visible silicone joints of the fish tank. This was achieved by a very precise bonding with transparent silicone. The tank fits in perfectly with a trend that was known years ago and is now regaining popularity: glassware and decoration of artisan glass.



The latest lighting 

The UltraScape Set Diamond Edition aquarium set also includes the Ultra Slim BT LED lamp, which can be controlled remotely over Bluetooth. The LED lamp features programmable light modes, with the light colour and output customisable to suit personal preferences. 


The LED lamp allows the creation of custom lighting schedules to suit the individual requirements of the fish and plants, as well as custom cycles that mimic natural changes of light throughout the day, like dawn and dusk.

An important feature of the Ultra Slim BT is its unique design. Made of a single brushed aluminium plate, the housing is only 17 mm thick, which makes the lamp look extremely light.  


The Ultra Slim BT installed above the fish tank looks as if it is levitating to further attract the observer’s attention to the aquarium design. The lighting customisation options available, apart from simply providing light for the fish and plants to thrive, also help to build the interior ambiance as required.




There are accessories included for two installation options: suspended over the tank or resting on the tank top. 

Aquarium set launch date 

An absolute rarity in the fish keeping world deserved a unique launch, and it did enjoy one. Previously showcased only as a prototype at industry trade fairs, the aquarium set debuted in a very unusual setting. During the aquascaping workshop at the AQUA SHOW fish keeping fair, the set’s arrangement was made by Takayuki Fukada himself. 


Takayuki Fukada and Michał Adamek during the workshop during which the Ultrascape Set Diamond Edition was presented

See the video of the fish tank set-up demonstration: 

Versions and parameters

Art. nr.
Aquarium capacity [US gal / L]
Dimensions [in / cm] (width x depth x height)
Glass thickness [in / mm]
UltraScape Set Diamond Edition 60 UltraScape Set Diamond Edition 90
131422 131423
17 / 64.8 64.2 / 243
23.6x11.8x14.2 / 60x30x36 35.4x23.6x17.7 / 90x60x45
Ultra Slim BT 30 Ultra Slim BT 90
6 10

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